Looking towards the 2014 – 2015 Junior Season, please submit your proposed Tournament Accreditation requests by:

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Accreditation requests made after this deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis by US Squash and Regional Coordinators and the request may not have full consideration to be accredited on to the Tournament Schedule. To submit a request, please follow the link at the bottom.

If you have any questions regarding tournaments in your region, please contact your Regional Coordinator listed below:

Renato Paiva and Kim Clearkin, West Coast: renato@sandiegosquash.com & kclearkin@sfbayclub.com
Mike Callaway and Ben Oliner, New York: mike@callawaysportsgroup.com & benjamin.oliner@gmail.com
Ron Koenig, Pennsylvania: rkoenig@sch.org
Joey Ramos and Steve Scharff, Connecticut: joey.ramos77@gmail.com & rhcracquets@hotmail.com
Nathan Dugan, Midwest: ndugan@cincinnaticountryclub.com
David Keating and Peter Heffernan, Mid-Atlantic: david@keating.us & peterh@meadowmill.com
Tom Poor, New England: Tpoor43@aol.com
US Squash, NJ, Southeast: tournaments@ussquash.com


Through January 26th – Tournament Accreditation Requests compiled both in local regions and on the national calendar
Late February – Post accredited tournaments to the accredited calendar for Sep 2014 – May 2015

The last weekend that will be used for national championship qualification will be the weekend of February 20th, 2015.


Note that for the 2014-2015 season, all Closed level tournaments will be  taking place on the weekend of February 27th, 2015.


1. Remember, Gold Tournaments and Closed Events rotate within each  region to interested and eligible hosts.
2. For Bronze and Silver events: For every Silver event a Tournament  Director hosts, they must also host a Bronze level event to provide  opportunities to all level players within their region.  Depending on  the region, some exceptions may be given if a facility wants to host,   for example, two silvers and only one bronze.
3. All level events generally must be split equally among all eligible  host facilities within each region.  Some exceptions may be made at the  discretion of US Squash.  For example, one facility in a region cannot  host all of the events for a season – they must be shared.
4. The Proposed Calendar was created to reduce competition between  weekends – when possible, US Squash will works with tournament directors  to ensure maximum participation and opportunities for all accredited  events across the country.


You will notice the number of Bronze, Silver, and Gold level tournaments  vary from region to region.  The number of approved events is data  driven based on participation from the last few years.  Some regions  have increased the number of available events to host, some have stayed the same.  This process is entirely data driven.  If you have further  questions on how these numbers were determined, please email tournaments@ussquash.com.


As a reminder, to host a Gold Tournament starting September 1st, 2013, a  certified Tournament Director must be involved with the event.  A list  of certified Tournament Directors is available here:

Certified Tournament Directors

If you would like to host a Gold Tournament and have not passed the  Tournament Director Certification Course, you can still apply for a Gold  Level tournament with the intent of taking the Tournament Director  Certification Course before you host your event.

The average number of participants for Gold Level Tournaments is  between 200-250 players.  Facilities must have enough courts available  to host these types of events, and a good rule is 20 players per court  for a weekend.

This means Tournament Directors interested in hosting a  Gold Level tournament should have roughly 12 or more courts available to  them in their proposal. To get this number of courts, multiple facilities are encouraged to collaborate.   However, keep in mind that Gold Level Tournaments are  aiming to provide an ideal tournament experience and this may be  difficult to provide if facilities are not near each other.  In these  cases, a “Split Gold” may be used where one area within a region will  host half of the age divisions while another area within the same region  may host the other divisions.


1. Submit the online form below for your proposed events throughout the  season
2. If you plan on hosting multiple events, please submit this form  multiple times
3. Once your event has been approved, you will be contacted to submit an  “Online Tournament Accreditation Form” on the US Squash Website.

September 2014 – May 2015 Junior Accreditation Request Form – Form taken down

Please wait to be contacted to submit an actual accreditation form regarding  your event, once it is approved by US Squash.

For more information regarding tournament accreditation, or if you have any other questions regarding US Squash policies, please visit the Run a Tournament Page on the US Squash website:

US Squash Run a Tournament Page