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back row (l-r): Sam Scherl, Haley Scott, Marina Stefanoni, Grace Doyle, Mariam Kamal, Casey Wong. front row (l-r): Spencer Lovejoy, Harrison Gill, Gabriel Morgan, Eric Kim, Andrew Douglas.

Team USA’s junior men’s and women’s squads are currently in Bielso-Biala, Poland, where they are competing in the 2016 World Junior Championships.

The Team USA contingent went through a rigorous training regime this summer to prepare them for the world’s top juniors, including sessions with Zarett Rehab and Fitness in Philadelphia, and three national training squads.

SquashPodcastLogo250x300The second national training squad overlapped with the 2016 Regional Team Championships at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Outside the Glass‘ Bill Buckingham and Chris McClintick sat down with all eleven team members in the cavernous trophy room in the Payne Whitney Gymnasium for the August episode.

The team members discuss their hopes and expectations for Poland, some unknown facts about each of them, playing against one another on the junior circuit and much more.

The podcast is available at SoundCloud and iTunes. You can listen on your computer, phone or tablet.

Outside the Glass is the world’s first regular, professionally produced radio show dedicated to squash. It is being curated by James Zug, Squash Magazine’s executive editor & senior correspondent, Bill Buckingham, the director of member services at US Squash, and Chris McClintick, the senior communications manager & web content strategist for US Squash. Outside the Glass is produced by Grant Shprintz, a New York radio editor and podcaster.

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