Sunil Desai presented Olivia Blatchford with the new U.S. Women’s Championship trophy.

Tuesday at the 2017 U.S. Open presented by Macquarie Investment Management heralded in a new era of National Singles trophy parity.

Representing his family, Sunil Desai presented the new and improved U.S. Women’s Championship trophy to 2017 champion Olivia Blatchford.

Desai attended the 2015 Nationals in Charlottesville, and was inspired by the clear difference in size between the men’s S.L. Green trophy and women’s Sears Challenge Cup.

The new trophy was custom made out of silver and stands at more than two feet tall.

Desai was an All American at Navy, and his younger sister Vanya Desai was also an All American at Harvard and won the national intercollegiate title in 1993.

Addressing the crowd on the glass court, Desai said the trophy represents equal opportunity and achievement.

The women’s open draw at the National Singles was started in 1928.