As the 2018 World Masters approaches this summer, the McArthur Squash Center at the Boar’s Head Resort marks significant progress leading up to hosting the tournament, July 29-August 4, in Charlottesville, Virginia.

As of April 26, 484 players representing forty-five different nations have booked their place in the first World Masters ever held on U.S. soil. View all entrants here.

“We still have 50 days until entry closes on June 15, so we are very pleased that it’s about to hit 500 participants,” said Mark Allen, World Masters Tournament Director. “Our goal of 800 total entries was an ambitious one, but we think we are tracking close to that number, which will make for a fantastic week of squash and social activity here at Boar’s Head Resort.”

In order to field the large draws, the McArthur Squash Center is constructing five additional courts—including a second glass court—for a total of fourteen international singles courts. Five additional courts are available at the nearby St. Anne’s Belfield School and another two at the University of Virginia’s North Grounds Recreation Center.

“Our five court expansion is moving along nicely and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ASB courts from Germany on May 3,” Allen said. “The completion date for construction is July 2, which will give us a few weeks of play on the new courts before the tournament gets underway on July 29.”

Players should note that the men’s and women’s start dates are staggered, with the men’s draws set to begin July 29 and the women’s draws on July 31 in an effort to provide travel and cost flexibility. (Historically, the women’s draws have been roughly a third the size of the men’s draws, which has meant rest days throughout the tournament while the men’s draws play out daily.) In a tournament first, the intention is to play out for the last sixteen finishing positions in larger draws. An estimated 70% of players will have at least four matches over the course of the week.

While all rooms at the Boar’s Head Resort are now sold out, accommodation with special tournament rates is still available at four hotels in the area. A shuttle service to the venues will be available at all hotels. The Boar’s Head Resort’s facilities will be available to all participants throughout the tournament regardless of accommodation.

Register and book accommodation today on

The World Masters welcomes the support of local brewmasters, Three Notch’d Brewery, who are crafting a special beer for the tournament. Three Notch’d are holding a ‘Name That Brew Contest’ and want to hear your names for this special tournament pale ale. The selected winner will receive a free case of the beer. Submit your names here by May 1 for a chance to win.

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