I have heard from two people in the last few months tell me, “Squash saved my life.”  They meant it literally, however I also hear people often speak about the impact squash has had on their lives and families in the same way they would about the college they attended, or the spouse they chose to marry. If you’re reading this, squash is central to your life.

Most people aren’t aware that US Squash is a 501c3 nonprofit, and that each year we fundraise nearly 20% of our $5 million budget to cover costs. At the core of US Squash’s mission is supporting lifelong meaningful positive engagement in squash, and your support has a significant impact on our ability to make collective investments to elevate our programs, enhance our services and allows us to drive growth nationally.

Donations in the first half of the calendar year permit us to plan more effectively for the coming season. It is for this reason, I am asking for your help to reach our $250,000 goal before our fiscal year ends on June 30.  With 90% of our expenses focused on programs, not overhead, US Squash is committed to being the community leader you entrust to move the sport forward.

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A Record of Success Worth Perpetuating

Growth continues nationwide with adult leagues reaching record numbers and junior squash participation more than doubling in some regions of the country in the last five years alone. Our Club Locker software is revolutionizing the connection of players to the sport and has become a world leader in competition and program management, reservations, and rankings. Middle school, high school, urban and college programs reinforce the positive connection between squash and education, and we are focused on building a structure for junior squash that is safe, fair, inclusive and balanced.

Our best players represent Team USA with pride – US Squash Elite Athlete Program members will do so in July at the quadrennial Pan American Games, and we are sending some of our strongest teams ever to the World Junior Championships and other international competitions this summer. Beyond our focus on participation and excellence, we remain steadfastly committed to reinforcing the core values of honesty, courtesy and respect that are regularly reinforced through participation in the sport. Sportsmanship is a major part of what makes the squash community so special, and our programs encourage positive behavior and accountability on and off the court.

Finally, progress continues for the Arlen Specter US Squash Center, with the 20-court facility poised to anchor US Squash programs for generations to come upon its opening in the fall of 2020. The Specter Center will be a model of community engagement and access, serve as US Squash’s national headquarters, the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame, house a Learning & Innovation Center and offer elite athletes state-of-the-art development resources including a Coaching Excellence Center.

Contributions of any amount are appreciated and allow us to innovate and invest in the infrastructure needed to support the growing squash community, so please give today.

With gratitude,

Kevin Klipstein
President & CEO

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