Fiechter Lifts Second Title of the Season at Home Club

Olivia Fiechter emerged victorious in an all-American final against Olivia Blatchford Clyne to lift her second PSA title of the season at the club where she learned the sport–the Philadelphia Cricket Club–Monday, March 6.

Fiechter and Blatchford Clyne were facing each other for the fourth time in as many tournaments over the last two months, with Blatchford Clyne leading the recent head-to-head 2-1. Fiechter was determined to level the recent head-to-head scores as she looked to claim a second World Tour title but this time in front of many friends and family.

With both Team USA training partners knowing each others games so well, the rallies were unsurprisingly close throughout, with both players determined to not give an inch away. Fiechter started strongly in the first game and earned herself a two point lead at 7-5 and held the advantage as she went on to take the game 11-8. Clyne responded in the second game, however pulling away from 6-all to level the score 11-7.

The next two games followed very similar patterns as close and hard fought rallies controlled the early stages of each game. The score reached 7-7 in both the third and fourth games but it was the higher ranked Fiechter who managed to play the big points better and ran through to take the third game 11-7 to lead 2-1 and then produce a similar run in the fourth game to win 11-8 and claim her second World Tour title and a fifth PSA title of her career.

“I can’t believe it. It almost feels too good to be true!” Fiechter said. “It was just such a battle from the very first point to the very last – I really had to earn every single rally. Liv has been playing some great squash so I went into the match ready to mentally and physically leave it all out there.”

The $51,000 PSA Bronze tournament is the second largest title of Fiechter’s career, with her largest coming last month at the $70,000 DAC Pro Classic.

“To win one of my biggest titles on the courts where I learned the game, in front of my family, friends and community, I just don’t think it gets any better, this will without a doubt be a night that I cherish forever,” Fiechter said. “Moments like this don’t happen without an incredible support system around you so thank you Graeme, Peter, Danny, Moose, Beng Hee, Francisco, Mark, and Brigitte for all you do to help me be the best version of myself through the highs and the lows. And thank you Abir, US Squash, and Head for your unconditional support. I’m so grateful to Rich, PCC and everyone who made this event possible and I really hope I get the chance to return next year to defend the title!”