U.S. Junior Women Open Team Competition With South Africa Win

The U.S. Junior Women’s team opened the 2023 World Junior Women’s Team Championship with a comfortable 3-0 Pool win over South Africa Monday, July 24, in Melbourne, Australia.

The biennial Junior Women’s Team Championship follows the World Junior Individual Championships last week. The U.S. earned the tournament’s three seed based on their individual performances and entered group C alongside five seeds England, eleven seeds South Africa and fourteen seeds Chinese Taipei.

The U.S. took advantage of their squad depth in their opening match by resting Fouts–an individual quarterfinalist–and relying on Madison Ho, Riya Navani and Emma Trauber.

The U.S. trio all delivered with decisive 3-0 victories to earn 2 points in Group C.

Team USA will face England in its first major test on the glass court Tuesday, July 25, at 12:00am ET.

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