Team USA Opens up World Junior Individuals Campaign

Team USA begins its 2023 World Junior Championships campaign as all twelve U.S. players prepare to enter the individual competitions, July 18-23, in Melbourne, Australia.

Three courts including an all glass court and courts 6 and 9 are live streaming from the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center, and a number of Americans will be featured on the live stream in the first and second rounds.

Find streaming times, draws and more information below:

Tournament Website

Live Stream Schedule Tuesday, July 18
(All Times ET)

Glass Court:
Monday, 9:35pm: Varun Chitturi (USA) vs. Ren Makino (JPN), Round 1

Glass Court Stream

Court 6:
1:40am: Zane Patel (USA) vs. Aryan Pratap Singh (IND) or Wei Yan Tho (MAS), Round 2 With Round 1 Win

Court 6 Stream

Court 9:
Monday, 10:10pm: Thomas Soltanian (USA) vs. Diodivine Mkhize (RSA), Round 1
1:40am: [9/16] Rishi Srivastava (USA) vs. Kenneth Lamb (AUS) or Luhann Groenewald (RSA), Round 2
4:00am: [9/16] Riya Navani (USA) vs. Wai Lynn Au Yeong (SNG) or Advita Sharma (IND), Round 2
4:35am: Sonya Sasson (USA) vs. Amelie Guziak (AUS), Round 2
5:10am: [5/8] Caroline Fouts (USA) vs. Anne Leakey (NZL) or Yu-Chen Cheng (TPE), Round 2

Court 9 Stream