U.S. Junior National Team Preps for World Juniors and Pan Am Juniors

The 2024 World Juniors team, L-R: Coach Simba Muwhati, Physio Dr. Aidan Kaye, Coach Luke Butterworth, Coach Olivia Blatchford Clyne, Rustin Wiser, Riya Navani, Oscar Okonkwo, Sam Jaffe, Alex Dartnell, Alex Jaffe, Zane Patel, Caroline Fouts, Nathan Rosezwieg, Charlotte Pastel, Coach Brigita Roemer, Coach Scott Devoy, Coach Karim Ibrahim. (Not pictured: Caroline Eielson, Dixon Hill, Rishi Srivastava)

U.S. Junior National Team completed a rigorous weekend of training and team building in their final training squad before the Pan American Junior Championships and World Junior Championships, June 8-10, at the Arlen Specter US Squash Center in Philadelphia.

The training squad incorporated a joint approach with both the World Juniors and Pan Ams teams training alongside each other for the first time ahead of the summer’s international competitions.

In another first for the program, the training squad culminated with the players gaining top level match experience by competing in the 2024 U.S. Women’s and S.L. Green U.S. Men’s Championships, June 11-14.

Following competing in the U.S. Championships, the Pan Am Juniors team will travel directly to Quito, Ecuador for the competition, June 16-22.

“This weekend was really special, it felt that we brought in a mix of youth and experience with both teams here for the first time,” said Karim Ibrahim, Director of Junior National Teams. “It’s been great to see the World Juniors team, some of which are playing in their third championship, working with the Pan Ams team, who are in contention for next years worlds teams. It’s great for the Pan Ams players to work with the older worlds players to see what it looks like to be on a world championship team. It also lined up perfectly for everyone to play in the U.S. Championships and be inspired playing alongside the likes of Olivia Weaver and Timmy Brownell. We have high expectations for our Pan Ams squad–especially on the junior women’s team–and want both teams to bring home medals in different competitions. We’re excited to be competing at home for the World Juniors and with players as strong as Caroline and Riya who could go all the way. Our goal is for both the junior men and women to finish on the podium together, which would be unprecedented.”

The 2024 Pan Am Juniors team, L-R: Coach Karim Ibrahim, Colten McLaughlin, Reaghan McLaughlin, Will Newman, Elise Kang, Hart Robertson, Charlotte Sze, Yaseen Shalaby (not pictured: Coach Nayelly Hernandez-Walker, Ava Lin)

The 2024 World Juniors Championships, held in Houston July 12-23, will feature the World Junior Men’s Team Championship and World Junior Women’s Team Championship–previously held on an alternating biennial basis–being held alongside each other for the first time in tournament history.

Team USA’s coaching staff believe the team-building element of the weekend will serve the U.S. players well in the new competitive team environment.

“The junior women’s team is in a really good spot, they’ve done a lot of really hard work and now they just need to maintain the work that they’ve done and look forward to competing,” said Scott Devoy, U.S. Junior Women’s Head Coach. “I think the biggest thing for us watching the group this weekend is the fact that both the boys and girls teams work together well. Both teams will be in the same place and that’s going to add the extra bit of motivation they need to push each other on. It’s home court advantage and strength in numbers and we’re in a good position.”

“On behalf of the junior men’s team, we’re ready to head back to our teams to work hard and prepare the best we can for the next four weeks to truly show the world what we’re capable of in Houston,” said Luke Butterworth, U.S. Junior Men’s Head Coach.