The United States repeated their victory of the last two years with a resounding 16-8 win over Ontario in the 2012 Ontario-American Challenge at the White Oak Resort and Spa in Ontario, Canada. After losing tight matches in 2008 and 2009, the U.S. juniors overpowered their neighbors to the North for the third straight year to take home the “Battle of the Border” trophy.

The juniors participating gained valuable experience participating in an international competition along with playing competitive team squash. Both teams exhibited high levels of sportsmanship and developed excellent camaraderie throughout the competition. The U.S. team was supported by a staff of top coaches, including Chris Smith, Graham Bassett, Scott Devoy, Kelsey Engman, Chris Gordon, and Jacques Swanepoel.

Final Results:

United States def Ontario, 16-8

Willy Ezratty (USA) def Justin Ghaeli (ON)
Julien Gosset (ON) def Eric Kim (USA)
Jackson Kay (ON) def Tucker Martino (USA)
James Flynn (ON) def Nicholas Cummings (USA)

David Yacobucci (USA) def Alexi Gosset (ON)
Jacob Ellen (USA) def Jack Greenwood (ON)
Husam Hamour (ON) def Harrison Gill (USA)
David Mill (ON) def Spencer Lovejoy (USA)

Zane Mcgee-Lowdermilk (USA) def Nick Guest (ON)
Arhum Saleem (USA) def Carter Robitaille (ON)
Pierson Broadwater (USA) def Vice Commisso (ON)
Spencer Anton (USA) def Kurtis Crawford (ON)

Baila Mudgil (USA) def Arden McKillop (ON)
Grace Steelman (USA) def Marlow Benson (ON)
Haley Aube (USA) def Patricia Ndebele (ON)
Gabriela Martin (USA) def Camryn Harris (ON)

Sophie Mehta (ON) def Casey Wong (USA)
Amy Commisso (ON) def Eleonore Evans (USA)
Isabelle Ezratty (USA) def Charlotte Copas (ON)
Lindsay Stanely (USA) def Nicole Kendall (ON)

Alyssa Mehta (ON) def Lindsey Scott (USA)
Selena Maity (USA) def Madeleine O’Connor (ON)
Zandra Ho (USA) def Alysha Anzik (ON)
Christina Huchro (USA) def Sarah Hopton (ON)

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