US Squash would like to thank Richard Chin and Meredeth Quick who have served in the roles of athlete representative and alternate for the USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council respectively, and as a result, on the US Squash Board of Directors for the last two four-year terms.

Their term limit is up, per ARTICLE XI: ATHLETES’ ADVISORY COUNCILS, ATHLETE DIRECTORS AND ATHLETE REPRESENTATIVES of the US Squash By-Laws, and the Athletes’ Advisory Council must elect a new athlete representative and alternate for the USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council.

Per the USOC, the representative and alternate must be of opposite genders ensuring one male and one female US Squash Athlete Representative Board Member.

These two representatives will serve as the two US Squash Board members representing the athletes. Their primary duty is to represent and watch out for the interests of elite athletes. This includes attending four US Squash Board of Directors meetings, and for the athlete representative, several USOC Athletes’ Advisory Council meetings in Colorado Springs each year.

The US Squash Athletes’ Advisory Council is comprised of players who have competed in the Pan Am Games (quadrennial), or adult World Championships in the last 10 years as of January 2013. According to policy, the representatives must be 18 years of age or older in 2012 for this election.


The nominations and elections will be conducted according to the US Squash Athletes’ Advisory Council election procedures. Nominations by eligible Athletes’ Advisory Council Members only (including self-nomination) may be made via email to the U.S. SQUASH CEO, at up until 5pm ET Friday, December 14. A list of eligible candidates is below, with the last year in which they currently could be elected noted based on participation on qualifying teams. Should a conference call be requested by any Council member, one will be hosted the afternoon of Monday, December 17th.

In lieu of a conference call, nominees’ written statements of their squash background, general background, and why they should be considered for the role will be circulated as part of the election process. The election will be conducted online the following week, first by electing the athlete representative, then the alternate. The results will be finalized by Friday, December 21.

Please direct questions about the process to


Graham Basset, 2021
Julia Beaver, 2012
Olivia Blatchford, 2021
Jamie Crombie,
Chris Gordon, 2021
Natalie Grainger, 2022
Louisa Hall, 2016
Todd Harrity, 2021
Julian Illingworth, 2021
Latasha Khan, 2020
Shabana Khan, 2012
Gilly Lane, 2021 (currently serving on Nominating & Governance Committee)
Lily Lorentzen, 2021
Ivy Pochoda, 2016
Hope Prockop, 2018 (currently serving on Investment Committee)
Michelle Quibell, 2017 (currently serving on Finance & Audit Committee)
Claire Rein-Weston, 2018
Beau River, 2015
Amanda Sobhy, 2020
Damian Walker, 2013
Tim Wyant, 2013


Richard Chin, 2017 (reached term limit) – current athlete representative and Council Chairperson
Meredeth Quick, 2016 (reached term limit) – current alternate representative
Preston Quick, 2019 (employee)