Team USA poses with Finland (Image: WSF World Juniors)
Team USA, L-R: Sabrina Sobhy, Casey Wong, Reeham Sedky, Kayley Leonard, poses with Team Finland (Image: WSF World Juniors)

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Team USA continued their winning streak in the World Junior Women’s Team Championship this morning, after defeating Finland 3-0 in Pool B’s second round of matches Saturday, August 1, at Squashtime in Eindhoven, Holland.

Three, 3-0 victories from Sabrina Sobhy, Casey Wong, and Reeham Sedky earned Team USA victory for Saturday’s first round. Team USA prepares to face-off against India this evening at 7pm local time.

Eighteen nations were seeded and sorted into four Women’s Junior Team Championship groups Thursday night following the individual finals.

Team USA are seeded second—while defending champions Egypt retain to the one seed—and drew seventh-seeded India, tenth seeded Australia, and 13/16-seeded Finland in Group B.

For live scores, the live-streamed show court, reports and more, visit the WSF World Junior Championships website.