(l-r) Richard Millman, Bert Kornyei, Kevin Klipstein

2016 World Masters champion, Bert Kornyei, was placed on the A. Carter Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll during a special Team USA dinner Wednesday, August 1, at the 2018 World Masters in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The A. Carter Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll recognizes a lifetime of contributions and accomplishments in the game of squash. On the court the Fergusson honorees have demonstrated unbounded enthusiasm, competitive spirit and great sportsmanship and skill along with success; off the court, they have exemplified the ideal qualities of leadership, setting the standard for a life and lifetime in squash.

Kornyei, a Salt Lake City-native, accepted the honor from US Squash President & CEO Kevin Klipstein in front of a packed multi-national crowd at Fry’s Spring Station in downtown Charlottesville.

“I am honored and surprised to receive this award,” Kornyei said. “I hope all of you continue to play this great game that keeps us going and healthy. I’m so glad that US Squash is hosting these world championships for the first time. I hope that we’ll hope it again some time soon. Welcome to everyone who traveled here from so many different nations, you are always welcome in the U.S. squash community.”

Kornyei is the nineteenth member of the A. Carter Fergusson Grand Master Honor Roll since the honor began in 2010.