RegionalSquadsFollowing up on the successful regional squads hosted in six regions this spring, US Squash will host three squads per region in seven regions this season. The initiative aims to support the development of junior players and create pathways to representing the U.S. in international competition. The first squad in each region will take place November 16 or 17, 2013, depending on the region 

Regular development squads will continue to take place in each region in order to extend the reach of the National Team program and draw from the broadest base of talent. The program will increase access to the National Team experience regionally, and develop an elite player continuum from juniors, to college players, to professionals and adults.  The other two squad weekends will be held in January and May 2014. 

In addition to the increased frequency, one adjustment to the spring squad criteria will be the elimination of the U19 category. Therefore top ranked boys and girls in the under 13, 15, 17 divisions are eligible to apply to participate in the Regional Squads, with up to four players per age division, per gender, per region selected based on registered interest.  

Regional Squads currently scheduled include: 

The New England Region – Boston, November 17thSign up here 
The Connecticut Region – Stamford, November 17thSign up here 
The New York Region – New York City, November 17thSign up here 
The Pennsylvania Region – Philadelphia, November 17thSign up here 
The West Coast Region – San Francisco, November 16th & 17thSign up here 
The Mid-Atlantic Region – Baltimore, November 17thSign up here 
The Great Lakes Region – Chicago, November 17thSign up here 

Full registration information and selection criteria is available here, under the ‘Regional Squads’ tab. Under 19 players qualify for the National Squads via rankings, eligibility criteria is available here, under the ‘National Squads’ tab.  Please note that the 2014 World Junior Championships selection criteria is also available here, under the ‘World Junior Champs’ tab.