With the approval of the WSF, a new perpetual trophy called “The Nations Cup” will be launched at the 2016 World Masters Squash Championships.

This trophy will go to the country whose players produce the best overall performance in the Championships, taking the results in all age groups of both men’s and women’s events into account.

The aim of the Competition is to generate team spirit amongst each country’s players, and to give all entrants – not just medal winners – the chance to achieve for his/her country by reaching the round of last 16 or better in his/her age group. This is a much broader-based measure than simply the Medals Table.

There will be two separate sections in the competition: one for large countries with a total of 6 or more individual entrants and one for small countries with a total of 5 or less individual entrants (men + women).

The WSF Masters Sub-Committee hopes that this new Competition will become a coveted trophy of World Masters Championships of the future, and will encourage each country to appoint a “Nations Cup Captain” to keep track of and inform its players of their country’s point count, and to drum up national support for their players when playing vital matches for Nations Cup points, i.e. reaching the Main draw last 16 or better, or winning a Plate event, in their age group.

For competition rules and more information, visit the 2016 World Masters tournament page.