blatch davi
The 2017 Ciudad de Floridablanca champion Nicol David (l) and finalist Olivia Blatchford. (image: PSA)

Less than two weeks after facing off in the $70,000 Ciudad de Floridablanca Open, Team USA’s Olivia Blatchford and world No. 7 Nicol David will face each other again in the first round of the 2017 Allam British Open, March 21, in Hull, England.

Last weekend in Colombia, David won her first title since 2015 in a three-game final that extended past seventy minutes due to a weather delay.

Following Amanda Sobhy’s withdrawal from the British Open due to a torn Achilles, the draw has shifted and set David and Blatchford up for a rematch on the Hull courts Tuesday, March 21, at 6:30pm local time, 2:30pm ET.

Blatchford’s U.S. teammates Todd Harrity, who is based in England, and Haley Mendez enter the first round of qualifying Sunday, March 19. Harrity will face England’s Tom Richards, while Mendez will face Canada’s Samantha Cornett.

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