Hometown New York, NY
High School The Chapin School, 2020

Representing Team USA

I am incredibly grateful to represent team USA, which is the highest privilege of my junior squash career. For me, being part of this team is the chance to proudly share the values of US Squash with the global community and use the skills I’ve learned through my time playing against the amazing girls in our junior circuit. I owe this great opportunity to my family, friends, and coach, who have given me constant support and love, and will make every effort to represent the team as best I can.

Fifty Americans Set to Represent Team USA at 2018 British Junior Open

Sixteen American players are seeded to reach the British Junior Open round of sixteen.


Team USA Reclaims Battle of the Border Trophy

Team USA defeated Team Canada 14-10 in a close Battle of the Border Sunday, August 6.


U.S. Junior Squash Championships: Day Two

The twenty finalists of the 2014 U.S. Junior Squash Championships are decided after Saturday’s quarterfinals and semifinals in New Jersey at Princeton University and Lawrenceville School.