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The World Squash Federation (WSF) announced today the postponement of the 2015 World Men’s Team Championship having been informed by the Egyptian Squash Association that due to earlier team withdrawals, and concerns of others about security, they wish to postpone their hosting of the event. On Monday, five teams including the United States withdrew from the event.

Federation President Assem Khalifa stated “We request this postponement with a heavy heart as Cairo is a safe city. All arrangements for the holding of the event are in place, including full government support to ensure protection as would be afforded to visiting VIPs, and so there is no reason for the championship not to proceed.

“However we are mindful that some teams did not wish to attend the championship for their own reasons and wish to end any uncertainty for other nations in a positive way by postponing until a later date. It pains us to do so as there is no reason for this and many teams have incurred costs, but it is something we must do to be fair to all.”